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It's been a busy couple of months. I have posted a few pictures from the social media workshop I conducted for the NY chapter of the MRA on my blog.

The Purple Goldfish Project has reached it's goal of 1001 entries. To refresh your memory, a Purple Goldfish is a company that does a little something extra that inspires loyalty and word of mouth marketing. My podcast partner, Stan Phelps, has finished the book and it will be released this month. Look for more news about What's Your Purple Goldfish? as things are heating up!

Samhain Publishing author Hunter Shea continues to lead the pack with book sales of his horror novel, Forest of Shadows. As you may know, I work with Hunter on social media marketing and promotional efforts and we co-host a genre specific video podcast. His book recently became available in print form as well as ebook and can be found at Amazon, BN and iTunes as well as Hunter's blog:

I ran two great workshops on the basics of social media today at the Plato's Closet Convention in Las Vegas.

One of the great things about these events is that even though I am teaching a class, I also end up learning a lot. One of the biggest challenges facing small businesses, and franchises like this, is that the level of social media knowledge varies greatly from person to person. And all of these people, no mater their social media savvy, are all busy. So the objective today was to help them understand the social media landscape, rules of the road and the tools at their disposal. No small task.

One of the things I encouraged the group to do, especially the newbies, was to not jump head first into the deep-end of the social media pool. Start slow... get your toes wet. Start to surf the various sites like Facebook, Twitter and blogs. See what's being said and done. Get an idea of how it works. Get the lay of the land. Once you've done that, you'll have a better idea of where you want to start in social media.

I recently presented "Social Media: Get In, Get Out, Get on With Your Day" at a major real estate convention in Las Vegas.

MRA HOT SEAT Launches. I have started a video podcast series as part of the MRA GNY Chapter's new social media initiative. Check it out. 

MRA Social Media Seminar: Let's Give Them Something To Talk About, Blog About, Tweet and Facebook About...

The Social Media seminar for the MRA NY Chapter on 9/15/10 was a big success. Thanks to all who attended, to Meredith Falvo, the fabulous host at MarketView Westchester, and my wingman/co-host, Stan Phelps.

The MRA Social Media Seminar was a Success: Let's Give Them Something To Talk About, Blog About, Tweet and Facebook About...

Update: The social media seminar has been moved to mid-September. Details to come. Stay tuned.


MRA Social Media Seminar:
Let's Give Them Something To Talk About, Blog About, Tweet and Facebook About...

I am happy to announce that I am hosting a seminar/webcast for the Greater New York Market Research Association on Friday, July 23rd. Stan Phelps, my partner in the Purple Goldfish Project will be co-hosting. The topic is Promoting Your Yourself, Your Business and Connecting with Your Clients Via Social Media. 12 - 2pm.

Marketview Inc,
26 Mill Plain Road
Danbury, CT06811

Just a reminder that the Purple Goldfish Project Video Podcasts are going strong. We are up to eight episodes now. Check us out the Marketing Lagniappe web site or subscribe at iTunes. (

Check the blog for news on the Purple Goldfish podcasts. And, I am proud to announce, they are now available for download and subscription from iTunes.

The second Purple Goldfish Video Podcast is up at This time we go to Stew Leonard's. Check it out.

Today we launched the first Purple Goldfish video podcast on YouTube. You can read more about it on the blog. Stan and I will be visiting businesses around the area to see how they go above and beyond expectations, generate word of mouth and build loyalty.

Also, Classic Sportswear & Promotions will be open during the St. Pats parade on Greenwich Ave., so if you are at the parade, please stop by and say hi. More details to come. (They are just above Starbucks. Great view of the action.) Come visit The Green Room.

If you did not catch the “Jingle Off” for the Purple Goldfish Project, check it out.

Two professional and hilarious jingle writers squared off to see who could come up with the best jingle for the PG Project. They were both great, but only one could win the title of Best Jingle.

Also, check out the latest Purple Goldfish story, the San Francisco legendary concert hall, The Fillmore. Particularly check out their adherence to the five rules of marketing lagniappe:

R elevant
U nique
L imited
E xpressive
S ticky

Classic Sportswear & Promotions now has a Facebook page. Please look them up and join the group if you'd like.

I just had to share their latest offering. Check out this umbrella. I can honestly say that never thought an umbrella was cool before. If you want more info, please email me at

That's the inside of the umbrella. Cool, right?

Happy New Year. I have not had a chance to update the site in a while.
Some quick news;

- Bring Anya Home: We raised enough money to send Keri and Nastia to Russia for Christmas for a brief reunion with Anya. Thanks to all who donated or helped. Please visit to learn how to help the cause.
- Podcasts: I'll be doing some podcasts with Mike Rogers on topics concerning social media, marketing and the web. We plan to talk about the role social media can play in efforts like "Bring Anya Home" and we are also going to help all of you people out there who feel you may have a crappy web site. Stay tuned.
- Purple Goldfish: You may know a Purple Goldfish and not even know it. Check out and contact Stan Phelps if you have a story to share.

The Classic Sportswear & Promotions wine tasting at the Darien Liquor Shop was a great time. We had a big turn out and everyone had fun. And one lucky winner walked away with a signed Joba Chamberlain jersey. And Classic also gave away three great laptop bags. 
Check out Classic's cool photo blog too:

The Bring Anya Home mission continues. We need help from Hilary Clinton. We are about 2500 strong on Facebook. If you'd like to help, please join our group, follow us on Twitter. A fund has been set up to help the family with all the costs of this ordeal.

Details here:

We now have a web site for the Bring Home Anya campaign.

We also have  a Twitter account: @bring_anya_home
We really need national media attention TODAY. Please visit the web site and the Facebook page for all the info. Thanks.

Please join us. We are using the power of social media to help the Cahill Family unite two sisters. For more info check out:

And check out the Facebook Group: "Inexhaustibly For Anya"
We are going to move mountains.

11/24/09 -
Everyone is winding down for Thanksgiving except us. The wine tasting at the Darien Liquor Shop is all set for Thursday, Dec. 3rd. It will be co-hosted by Classic Sportswear & Promotions. (Email me for details.) 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

11/18/09 -
Tomorrow is the open house at Classic Sportswear & Promotions. Runs until about 7pm.

Upstairs from Starbucks on Greenwich Ave.
309 Greenwich Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830
Tel: 203 629 7660

11/15/09 -
WordCamp was great. A full day of sessions about WordPress and various related topics. I think the session on SEO was the best. It actually got a little heated between the developers and the bloggers at one point.

11/10/09 -
I am excited to be attending WordCamp in New York city the weekend. A two day crash course on WordPress, the premier blogging platform.