Social Media Marketing Consulting
- Strategy
- Execution
- Training & Seminars
- Social Media Marketing Assessments

- Coaching and Management Services

Social Media & Interactive Services
- Set up Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs and Other Accounts
- Facebook Tabs
- Facebook Program Set Up and Implementation
- Content Management & Maintenance
- Web Sites

- Blogs
- Video
- Content Marketing

Does your social media need a shot in the arm? Not sure what to do about social media or how it might help your business?
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Marketing & General
- Sales & Account Management
- Email Marketing
- Copy Writing
- Web site design and optimization
- PR (Press releases, events, etc.)
- PowerPoint Decks

- Sales and Marketing Materials
- Software Training
- Photography

Digital Video Services
- Video Editing & Highlight Reels
- Video Conversion
- Video Production for Interviews, Webcasts and Other Events
- Web Cam Enabled Online Focus Groups & Interviews: Set up and Support

Photography for Classic Sportswear & Promotions: Original photos used in presentations and brochures.